Our Company

Provalle Group of Companies has a family history dating back to early 20th Century when Jaime Prohens Juan arrives in Chile from Mallorca. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean and took advantage of the opportunities the country offered, thanks to its social & economic development. He settled in the town of Combarbalá, Coquimbo Region.

A few years later, this vision was fully deployed by one of his children, Guillermo Prohens Arias. He took advantage of all the potential found in Limarí Valley by planting vineyards aimed to produce export/wine grapes. The special weather conditions found in the Region allow harvesting fruits before than in other regions.

Currently, Provalle is one of the most prominent producers and exporters in Chile, because of the quality of its products and processes. Provalle has also been recognized by its relationships with the communities and care for the environment. Its current production includes table grapes, citrus and pisco grapes for producing white generic wines and also spirits, such as its well-known product “pisco Mal Paso".  These achievements are the results of a vision through the years which is still fully valid, in terms of quality, ongoing innovation, and respect for the land and for those who work with us every day, which, for the last few years, has led to keep a Fair Trade Certification for our fields.

Our Production, Packing and Cold Storage Plant allow us to have a comprehensive control on the quality of our products. Such passion has been recognized by customers from the most demanding markets in the world.

Currently the fourth generation of the family Prohens Sommella is working in the Company. This is quite significant, as very few family businesses in the world reach this stage. This is our vision respecting history, but at the same time looks at the future with passion.


Our aim is to be well known in the world as Farming Company committed with the land, the environment and its workers. This is our formula to produce high quality products for our national & international customers, but also to be sustainable and prevail in time.


Our goal is to effectively meet the needs of all our customers. Our Company is at the vanguard in the evolution of Farming Markets and New Technologies aimed to get the highest quality in our products and become leaders in table grapes, citrus, wines and spirits production, plus meeting demands of the most prestigious national & international markets.


All our fields have water resources with relevant rights which, apart from an effective and sustainable use of these resources allow us to produce even in drought periods.

Both estates are located in Monte Patria Commune. The total surface is nearly 10,625 acres (4,300 hectares); 1,235 planted acres (500 hectares) plus 1,235 acres (500 hectares) still to be planted. Both produce traditional & new table grapes, clementines, pisco grapes and oranges.

Located in the Ovalle Commune. Both properties have 494 planted acres (200 hectares) with pisco grapes. More than 247 acres (100 hectares) are still to be planted.

All our fields have water resources with relevant rights which, apart from an effective and sustainable use of these resources allow us to produce even in drought periods.


Gonzalo Achelat Gudmani
Gerente General Corporativo Empresas Provalle

Jaime Eugenio Prohens Sommella
Director Empresas Provalle

Francisco Javier Prohens Sommella
Presidente Empresas Provalle

Juan Jaime Prohens Sommella
Director Empresas Provalle

Juan Enrique Prohens Galleguillos
Director Empresas Provalle