Our fields have a privileged location, which allows us to have first quality fruits to supply the most demanding international markets. 

Table grapes

Red globe: Medium cluster, not more than 65-70 berries, loose and airy. It has a fleshy, hard, crispy pulp, with a nice flavor. Its stems are strong green colored, which makes it one of the most favorite in the most demanding markets in Asia and mainly China.

Thompson seedlessStrongcream-green colored fruit, very crispy and sweet. This variety needs skilled personnel for its production, which makes it very special. This variety is quite preferred among consumers in the USA, United Kingdom, Korea and China.

Flame seedlessEarly strong red-colored variety with nice size berries. It has a sweet flavor, aroma, crispy consistency and nice to the palate. This variety is mainly consumed in North America.

Crimson:  This is a red variety with lengthy berries, very resistant to long trips. Its looks is fresh and hard, sweet, strong and defined flavor. It is one of the favorite products consumed in the United Kingdom, USA and China.

Krissy:  Within the new and most-craved varieties in the markets. It has a strong red color and very crispy, with a perfect equilibrium between acid and sweet tones. It has a strong fruit flavor. It has a rather late harvest.

Allison:  Red velvety-color grape, semi late harvest, seedless, with a very good flavor and turgor. It may stand long trips very well and its unique flavor makes it preferred in all markets.

Arra 29: Clear red-colored with good fertility. Early red and very promising. It has not been yet tested for commercial production and low cold requirements.


Clemenules: Sweet, juicy with a strong fragrance. It has a delicious flavor with a colorful orange tint. Its skin is fine with easy-peeling features. Concerning the ratio between acidity and sugar we may say it has a perfect equilibrium which makes it a very sweet fruit with a juicy pulp. During the last few years we have noticed these fruits harvested in the valley are different from others due to their organoleptic features.

Oro grande:  Very similar to Clemenules, very sweet and tasty, easy-peeling features and comfortable to eat as they are easily separated into segments. It has a very good size and just like Clemenules it has become the preferred fruit among children, mostly in North American markets.

Cara cara: Strong red-colored pulp orange, very sweet and extremely juicy. It is a revelation in terms of organoleptic features and now is more exported to the most demanding markets. In the country there is not much land growing this variety, so it has become a “unique fruit" among citrus varieties.

Pisco grapes

Pink Muscat: Nice pink-colored variety with intense Muscat Fragrance, early budding and early ripening; sensitive to millarandage, so it is often planted in between other varieties aimed to help set the fruit.

Alexandria Muscat: White variety, with brownish-stained berries typical from this variety. It has a strong muscatel fragrance with late budding and ripening.

Yellow Muscat: White variety, with big clusters, but medium to small berries. Medium yellow-colored when ripe; early budding and ripening, soft muscatel fragrance; vigorous with medium to high yield.

Pedro Jiménez: White variety with big and compact clusters. Very rustic, vigorous and productive, with a neutral fragrance.


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