We take special care for keeping a proper cold chain, that is why we have modern cold storage facilities.

Leading edge technology is used in all cold processes. Apart from covering our own needs, our Cold Storage Plant provides key support for production chains of other producers in the Region. This is how we assure their harvest arrive in the best conditions to all national & international markets.

Our facilities are strategically located in our fields: in this way we minimize exposure time of the fruit to the environment, thus quickly starting the cold chain for our products, aimed to assuring a longer shelf life after harvest.

We have our own leading edge technology
system and big storage capacity

Our Cold Storage Plant has modern technology developed on an IT platform supervising and controlling all function areas.

We have a state of the art packing system for our citrus, which uses modern technology and software to sort per size and color, according to the market the product is intended, to be later carefully processed.

We have constant support before, during and after each harvest aimed to assure the quality of our products remains in each and every one of our processes.


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