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Grapes & Spirit

From its origin, production of our various types of spirits has been the mark of Provalle Group. This is how in each bottle our “Pisco Mal Paso" captures its fruity fragrance and a touch of wood which tells about its story in the Limarí Valley.

Our experience in pisco production, allows us as well, to offer our production to third parties, both locally and abroad. We also provide high quality bulk white wine, produced from our wine harvest. Our storage capacity is nearly 15 million kilos of grape, supplied, between 70 to 80%, with our own products.

On the other hand we also distilled, all year long, high grade wine alcohol used to manufacture our Pisco Mal Paso and other spirits.


Hacienda MalPaso


Pink Muscat: This is a beautiful pink-colored variety, with an intense muscat fragrance with early budding and ripening. It is sensitive to millarandaje; therefore, it is often planted in between with other varieties in order to help setting of the fruit.

Alexandria Muscat: White variety with typical brownish-stained berries. It has a strong muscat fragrance with late budding and ripening.

Yellow Muscat: White variety with big clusters, but medium-small berries. It is medium yellow-colored when ripe; early budding and ripening, soft muscat fragrance; vigorous with medium to high yield.

Pedro Jiménez: White variety with big and compact clusters; very rustic, vigorous and productive with a neutral fragrance


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