High Quality
Fruits, Wines & Spirits

Our Company is present in markets of America, Asia and most European countries. Our seal is marked with Reputation and Trust.

High Quality</br><strong> Fruits, Wines & Spirits</strong>


Our Company is a family business with more than 100 years of tradition producing and exporting table grapes, piscos, wines, citrus and other products. We have a wide experience in national & international markets, where quality, innovation and good practices are part of our history and a guide for the future



Our production is 100% of our own, which allows us to have a comprehensive quality control of our products we send to the most demanding markets of USA, Europe and Asia.



Our privileged location provides the best conditions for producing high quality products.


Our leading-edge technology and software plus a climate-controlled packing plant allow us to meet needs & requirements for various markets, in terms of packing and quality/conditions of our products at the final markets.

Cold chain

Leading edge technology is applied to all our cold processes. We cover our own needs and provide key support for production chains to other regional growers.

Processing plant for wines, spirits and piscos.

All this innovation, plus a leading-edge processing plant allow us to develop a high quality standard process, thanks to the wide family experience, state of the art technology and workers which allow our products to be present in the most demanding world markets.


Our production is 100% of our own which allows us to have a comprehensive control on products quality which are delivered to the most demanding markets in USA, Europe and Asia.

Our favorable Mediterranean climate and low level of humidity in the Limarí Valley allow us to grow high quality fruits, with a perfect flavor and sanitation.

We take special care for our premium fruits to grow under the best conditions and processes from plantation and through a comprehensive control during growth and production so that our croplands reach their highest potential for production.

Premium Pisco made with the best selection of Muscatel grapes from our own vineyards located in the Limarí Valley.


Campanario Estate S/N, Monte Patria Commune, Limarí Valley, 4th Region of Coquimbo, Chile. Po Box 380, Ovalle.

Telephone Number: +56 53 2661 500

E-mail: contacto@provalle.com