Pisco MalPaso

Pisco<strong> MalPaso</strong>

Our Pisco

Manufactured with a blend of various muscatel grapes from our own best vineyards, Pisco Mal Paso has a delicate fruity/flowery fragrance plus a slight touch of wood, which is a feature of these varieties.

The grape is harvested from our own vineyards and subject to a strict quality control during the evolution of the harvest. This process is aimed to extract the raw material at the right time and obtain a balanced content of sugar, acidity and fragrance, to be later vinified.

Finally, the wine is subject to a delicate distillation process in copper distilling vessels, to be later taken to a brief rest in fine hardwood barrels providing equilibrium aimed to keep grape´s flavor and fragrance. This blend is later mixed with mineral-free water and let settle for a period of time in order to get the perfect fusion before being bottled.


The Limarí Valley is excellent for growing grapes, because of its Mediterranean climate and temperature oscillation which provides special features to our grapes.

Our customers have availability of Premium Products all year long.

We have implemented control and monitoring for all our production chain, from harvest till delivery to customers.

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